Our devices are small, very light (80 gr) and very simple to use. They have a range of at least 50 meters (55 yards). Although they come with the channel preset , this can be changed.

Before we send them out, we clean, check and charge them so they come to you in the best possible condition.


The transmitter is very easy to use and has a mute function. The battery works for days and we always give a spare so that you never run out. They are rechargeable in a few hours.


The receivers turn off automatically when not in use! Guests can easily change the volume. Our headphones fit perfectly, but the connection is also suitable for other headphones. Depending on usage, the battery will last for days to weeks. The devices are charged within the hour.


All packages come with first-class accessories.

Disposeable Headphones

With every delivery you get more than enough, individually packaged, stereo headphones. Although they are of excellent quality, they are intended for personal use for hygienic reasons. They have a handy long cable with a classic 3.5mm pin, so they also fit other devices.


The microphones deliver an excellent sound, and come standard with a sponge to attenuate ambient noise and wind. They do not tighten but are still firm. You also get some reserve from the microphones.

10-unit charger

In the vast majority of cases, you don’t need this, but it is still provided as ultimate security. Together with the cable (not shown) you get the option to recharge 10 devices at the same time. After an hour they can last for days to weeks

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