About Us

“Ortjes” means “Small Ears” in the Bruges dialect. It emphasizes the origin and the renowned Flemish quality of our services.

We started in 2018 when Bruges obliged groups of more than 25 people to use headsets. Many groups already travel with “Ortjes” because it offers great comfort to the guide and the members of the group. Everyone can hear you and the focus is on what is shown, not the guide. But for groups that don’t have them, we were able to offer a solution for the visit of Bruges.

I myself am also responsible for TMB Local Guides, an association that works with independent guides and tour guides. Those tour guides took the devices on tour, and thanks to their feedback, we are now also successfully renting them out for several days.

I have also been a tour leader, cruise manager and guide for more than 15 years, which has given me a lot of experience using those devices.

So we have the expertise and the dedication. And we are happy to share that when renting the headsets.

Filip Mattheeuws, CEO.


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